Maximize returns…with CPA

Canadian Public Auction gets you maximum returns from the sale of all types of industrial equipment. CPA has almost 30 years of proven results, a group of world-class auctioneers, a 50-acre sales site and a database of over 60,000 qualified buyers. We have helped thousands of business owners and consignors get maximum value for their assets.

Unreserved Auctions

CPA sells by Unreserved/Absolute Auction with each item being sold to the highest bidder. By contractual agreement, consignors and their agents agree not to buy back or bid on their own assets which ensures strong attendance and competitive bidding. Advertising and colour brochures are carefully targeted to specific potential customers using our extensive database. We know the market for your equipment.

Auction Sales

CPA Auctions are held throughout the year at our secure, full service facility near Aldersyde, and off-site at a variety of locations throughout North America.


  • Appraisals and Evaluations – We offer customers a one-stop shop where appraised values are backed with a cash purchase or net minimum guarantee offer. In order to make the most accurate evaluation for you and your company, our knowledgeable staff are accredited with the following associations:
    • Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group
    • USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice)
    • Alberta Commissioner of Oaths
    • AMVIC – Licensed Fair Trading Act
  • Storage and Transportation – We can pick-up and transport your equipment to our secure facility.
  • Repairs and Maintenance – To help you achieve top dollar values on your equipment, we offer the following services:
    • Sandblasting & Painting
    • Glass Replacement
    • Steam Cleaning
    • Interior & Exterior Detailing
    • Minor Welding & Tin Work
    • Minor Repairs as Required
  • Auctioneers – Our Auctioneers are among the finest in North America, guaranteeing you the best results from the sale of your assets. At CPA we believe in building partnerships with our clients. With almost 30¬†years of proven results, we have demonstrated our ability to maintain high standards. Our knowledgeable sales representatives offer a complete range of services.

What CPA Offers

  • Complete Dispersals
  • Net Minimum Guarantees Purchase
  • On-Site Sales
  • Out Right Purchases
  • Appraisals
  • Financing Alternatives
  • Consignment Sales: download and fill out the following Consignment Form, fill out and fax back.


Over the past 29 years, we’ve carefully built our database of 60,000 qualified buyers. For every sale, each potential buyer receives a full color brochure with pictures and specifications of the equipment for sale. We reach other potential buyers through trade journals, newspapers, magazines, Internet bidding, social media and our website:

Selling Options

We offer our clients a variety of selling options:

  • Straight Commission – We sell the equipment on a straight commission basis.
  • Net Minimum Guarantee – We guarantee minimum sales realizations. This amount can be paid up front, prior to the sale, at the client’s option.
  • Cash – We will purchase equipment outright.

Community Affiliations

We at CPA actively promote and support local and regional associations such as Alberta Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association of Alberta, Calgary Construction Association, and Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association of Saskatchewan.